This week there was yet another case at Pumwani Maternity Hospital, that of a woman delivering outside the gate after it was alleged she was denied entry. Childbirth/delivery is a natural process, physiology tells us that it follows a positive-to-positive feedback mechanism. It can happen anywhere. It's a matter of timing. Born before arrival is not a new thing. If the mother is not a good calculator or the circumstances dictate the baby will come at its time not our time. Babies have been born in literally any location in the his planet. Even in the best of times mothers have delivered in the matatus, corridors, waiting bay, in the toilet. The "Three Delays" model proposes that pregnancy-related mortality is overwhelmingly due to delays in: (1) deciding to seek appropriate medical help for an obstetric emergency; (2) reaching an appropriate obstetric facility; and (3) receiving adequate care when a facility is reached. In this case it could be further analysed as: -Precipitate labour -Delay to go to the facility? -Traffic jams perhaps -Failure to administer or follow focused antenatal care FANC -And to a lesser extent (once the facility comes to the mothers view, the ‘can’t wait a second longer’ phenomena kicks in. Then we come to the last : the go slow, the strict orders not to allow more women in labour to come in due to staff shortage. When legislators demonstrate in the streets like everyone else without considering their pivotal role in coming up with bills and policies to address the delays, human resources crisis in health, then it is not possible that the public can see otherwise. They will too see the blame was on the security guard who did not open the gate. There is the untold story, that no one (including the media) is finding out.

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